CVP: The cornerstone of Startup strategy

Critical Viable Product™ (CVP) is a software development technique to build a version of a new product which allows a team to collect the critical amount of validated learning about the customer with the optimized effort.

Last night my 7 years old daughter asked “Dad, What do you like the most?” after reading her a bedtime story. I said, “I love you the most, Darling”. She hugged me and said “I love you too, Dad” and went on to ask again emphasizing “What do you LIKE the most?”. Wondering the difference she could make out between those two feelings, “I like reading books”, I said. She didn’t stop there. Asked again “Why do you like reading books?”.

My antennas stood up, I wanted to give her an answer that would really make an impact for her lifetime, as those were the very few moments she would ever listen to me with the fullest attention. (Dads out there — You know what I am talking about 😉

“I like reading books as it is the shortest way to learn a lot in a very few days, what the author of that book, learned and experienced for several years”, was my reply. And she asked, “Is it like how I learn from my teacher?” and I acknowledged with an accomplished feeling.

Real-time Bill of Lading leveraging Blockchain


  • Need to checked and reviewed byseveral parties; BL might get lost in the mail
  • Inefficiencies of checking contents of good
  • Increase in fraud – terms and conditions may be seen by unauthorized party
  • Incidents such as loss of document are common reasons of delay.

Our Solutions

  • Shipper books vessel slots/cargo with carrier / shipping line.
  • Shipper and carrier negotiate the terms and conditions. Once it is finalised, carrier to issue the e-BL.
  • Shippers transfers the e-BL to consignee.
  • Vessel arrives at discharge port, consignee transfer e-BL to release agent in order to clear and collect cargo.


  • Improved turnaround time atleast 5 to 7 days.
  • Reduce the inefficiencies of trade documentation.
  • Ensure that the e-BL is tamper-proof.
  • Instantaneous transfer of e-BL.
  • Eliminate duplication and fraud.
  • Easier and hassle-free way to checking contents of goods.
  • Improve cost efficiency and transparency in the transfer $50 vs $10.